Functional door

Design: Functional door

We have launched our first ecological noise and fire doors. They consist of 100% natural materials that can be completely recycled. Doors with similar functional capabilities usually have built-in materials that place a heavy burden on the environment, especially in the initial and final phases of their life cycle, so we decided to design interior doors in line with sustainable development, respecting nature and humanity at the same time.

The high quality functional noise and fire doors Melu boast the fire safety class EI60, guaranteeing protection from fire and smoke for at least 60 minutes in case of fire.

The door is also soundproof, with a sound insulation value of up to 42 dB.

Due to its anti-noise and sound-insulating properties, the Melo function door is suitable for installation in residential and multi-purpose institutions (hotels, offices, schools, medical institutions, etc.).

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All of our collections of interior doors can be dressed according to your wishes. In addition to non-standard dimensions (any height, width or uneven, e.g. attic shape), you can choose among different colour shades for interior doors, also choosing variations of effects or coatings (oils, wax, varnish, paint), design options and other accessories.


Choosing a design, suited to your living environment, is even more important, especially as one handles interior doors daily.

All of our collections of interior doors are available in the classic or sliding version (the latter encompassing sliding options in front or in the wall), as well as in the swing or double-leaf version, and come with the possibility of opening into the doorframe. Your final choice should be made taking account of the design and the usability.


In our offer you will find a wide range of accessories for interior doors, which serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. It is important that accessories are mutually complementary.

The basic offer includes 2 pairs of 3 partial nickel-plated hinges and a standard BB lock. However, you can also choose the hardware (hinges, hooks, locks) as well as glass and frames with the door.